Why Homii

Why HOMii?


At HOMii, everything you could need to make your life simple is always just a few steps away. There are the absolute musts such as laundry facilities, FREE WiFi and social lounges as well as a few great extras like cleaning services and even office space.

HOMii Amenities:


Residents can always stay connected with HOMii’s fully-kitted urban WiFi environment.Our WiFi network is split into multiple channels for a more reliable and faster internet that is accessible throughout our HOMii buildings. Did we mention it’s awesomely affordable too?

24-Hour Security

Have no fear with HOMii’s 24 hr security. Our reliable security professionals are always keeping a watchful eye, ensuring HOMii’s safety, day in and day out. Also combined with our new-age biometric controlled access and CCTV surveillance, HOMii’s seriously got no worries.

Biometric Access
Biometric Access

Access to HOMii buildings are strictly controlled with fingerprint verification. Yes, the technology is realand it’s here to stay. Gain access to your HOMii building with a simple scan of your finger. Urban living has never been so conveniently secure.

Laundry Facility
Laundry Facility

We believe everyone needs the perfect space to air their dirty laundry. HOMii’s in-house laundromat means there’s no hassling with machine repairs or bulky washers taking up your living space – we simplify it all for you. Our coin-operated washing machines are energy-efficient, reliable and always accessible to all HOMii residents. So we ask “why can’t laundry be loads of fun?”

CCTV Surveillance

Our security HOMii’s have always got your back. They keep an eye on things with CCTV cameras stationed throughout the communal spaces in our buildings. There’s nothing quite like living with peace of mind.

Pick your City

Tired of the commute? Looking for that perfect urban space to enjoy more of the city life? Or perhaps you’re hopping between city locations for some biz-niz? Well, search no further HOMii – with multiple buildings in these awesome cities, you can feel right at home wherever you go!


Take me there

The sunny city with so much to do, see and taste, and on top of that, the people are as warm as the weather. It’s a lifestyle more than a location.

Cape Town

Take me there

Feel on top of the world with The Mountain lingering right nearby. Vibey Cape Town is the perfect place to live awesome, live affordable, live urban.


Take me there

Live golden in the City of Gold. With multiple locations and all HOMii buildings kitted with everything you could need – what more could you ask for?


Take me there

Expand your lifestyle where the sun rises. Nesteled in the heartbeat of Mpumalanga, our awesomely kitted apartments will make you feel right at home!